What is cozy Interior Designing ?

cozy design- Best interior designer in Trivandrum

It isn’t a style but a feeling. A room simply cannot feel cozy without ample textiles, from rugs and upholstery to pillows and throws. This is an especially important design element in a living room. Try pairing oversized throw pillows with a plush wool rug and chunky knit throw blankets to give your space a warm, Cozy vibe.

Overhead lighting just isn’t going to cut it when trying to create a cozy, ambient space. It’s all about the soft, eye-level lighting here – start with table and floor lamps to give the room a cozy glow. Cozy upholstery works wonders when trying to soften a space,
particularly on a traditionally angular piece like a coffee table or ottoman.

From warm neutrals to earth tones, some color palettes just feel cozier than others. Try infusing your home with warm tones like burnt orange, Beige, soft sage, white and rusty red to give the space an earthy, calm vibe. Warmer materials like leather and wood pair beautifully with these trending earth tones and will add to the natural; inviting atmosphere.

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